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“We looked for a cash system that is easy to set up and use. One significant factor in our choice was support services provided by OPEN”

– Pietari Paakkola, the owner of Winebar Vinho


In December 2019 founded Winebar Vinho is located in the heart of Turku, Finland. The restaurant is a cozy and easygoing meeting place for wine lovers where you can order a glass of wine just for yourself or join a wine tasting event hosted by Vinho. The restaurant offers high-quality wine experiences from different wine flavors around the world from Australia to Chile and Lebanon.

We are using the both front- and back-end systems together with the inventory solution and the system as a whole is quite good. OPEN as a supplier has many good solutions that can be adapted to each specific site and the advantage og OPEN´s systems is that they are user-friendly

Astrid L. Jansen - Restaurant Manager


In connection with the National Exhibition in Bergen in 1928, the city finally got its own Grand Hotel. It truly lived up to its name and was long the city's most luxurious accommodation and a source of pride for the city's population. The crown jewel in the Grand Hotel Terminus collection is the recently renamed Bar Amundsen, best known for your award-winning whiskey collection, and is the place where the great polar scientist Roald Amundsen held his last press conference before disappearing without a trace in the arctic waters between Tromsø and Svalbard.

"OPEN delivers an affordable POS-system and above all a manageable back-office with outstanding support. I can absolutely recommend OPEN and I have already installed their system KDR Gold in my newest restaurant in Trysil"

Ivan Sjöhall - General Manager


Happy Faces´ story started in 2010 when founder Ivan Sjöhall started making sushi in Trysil. A year later the concept grew and turned in to Happy Faces - a combination of Burger and Sushi. Today they are one of the most appreciated restaurants in Trysil.

Oslofjord Convention Center (OCC) choose OPENs systems because they support all the basic requirements assosiated with F&B and retail and delivers a stable platform that we can rely on.


CIO – Jonas Carlsson, Oslofjord Convention Center


With 2 500 hotel apartments (in 2020), one of Norway's largest conference halls, restaurants, bar, kiosks, Oslofjord Arena which has Norway's hottest sports facilities, beach and free areas, and the entire fjord just outside the pier, the Oslofjord Convention Center is one of Europe's largest conference destinations where big dreams are realized. Visit Oslofjord

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