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Tampere Hall is an exciting, modern and vibrant venue for concerts, meetings, congresses, parties and exhibitions. Tampere Hall turns events into unforgettable experiences. How often have you been to an event center where after the conference you can wander around an art exhibition, or shop in a store full of unique products, or visit a […]


Tampere Hall is a Culture and Congress Centre full of life, which main auditorium can accommodate up to 2000 guests, but here you will also find various smaller venues for more intimate meetings. For more information, please visit Tampere Hall .

Oslofjord Convention Center (OCC) choose OPENs systems because they support all the basic requirements assosiated with F&B and retail and delivers a stable platform that we can rely on.


CIO – Jonas Carlsson, Oslofjord Convention Center


With 2 500 hotel apartments (in 2020), one of Norway's largest conference halls, restaurants, bar, kiosks, Oslofjord Arena which has Norway's hottest sports facilities, beach and free areas, and the entire fjord just outside the pier, the Oslofjord Convention Center is one of Europe's largest conference destinations where big dreams are realized. Visit Oslofjord