Our most flexible system that can easily be adapted to your business process

Open One is a completely flexible POS solution that can be adapted to your business process and way of working based on your requirements – including add-ons like a smart “table pay” terminal, self-service soltutions and advanced reporting.

With Open One you get a POS system that offers several smart functions and optional integrations that together create a POS system that supports your company’s entire life cycle.

The leading POS system in the Nordics

The most complete POS system

With an extensive background in and experience from the restaurant industry, we have developed the industry’s most complete POS system OPEN One – a complete solution with smart functions and many possibilities.

 With flexible solutions, the system can be optimized for your specific needs, regardless of whether it concerns article management, different types of discounts, advanced price lists or other functionality.

With OPEN Go, you take the cash register with you to the guest. With cash register and payment terminal in the same unit, the staff can focus on providing good service directly at the table.

OPEN One is prepared to automatically receive orders from the Internet, whether it is from our own OPEN Order app, or from one of the companies that offer home deliveries via a web app.

 Why not supplement with multiple terminals for simultaneous payments, an express checkout for self-service during the lunch rush, or our OPEN Order In-seat for ordering and paying using a QR code on the table? Smart solutions that save time for both staff and guests!

 The solution also includes OPEN Inventory, a comprehensive inventory module using an intuitive web app to facilitate inventory, not to forget OPEN Insight, your site for reports and analysis of sales.

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Functions and integrations

Included in OPEN One


With multiple payment terminals, you can handle several simultaneous payments, minimize the waiting time for guests and avoid queuing.

Pay at the table

With OPEN Go, you can serve guests, receive and handle all orders directly at the table. Simply a cash register "in your pocket".

Table management

With our smart table management, you can manage guests and tables directly in the table map, regardless of whether it's at the POS or using a OPEN Go terminal.

Orders from the web

OPEN One has integration to most leading suppliers, as well as our own OPEN Order. You thus get a good overview of incoming orders and avoid working in several different systems.

Flexible and scalable system

Big or small customer - the system can be adapted to each customer's needs. A system to start or grow with.

Support for chains

OPEN One is developed to be a perfect fit for large chains with extensive requirements, suppport for multiple companies and cost accounts, advanced reporting, multiple integrations including 24/7 support.

Seamless integrations for future growth

 The possibility of smooth integration with the most important business systems gives you full control over your company and enables increased sales and long-term growth.

Visma Business
Visma Control
Visma Administration 2000
Visma Administration 500 and 1000
Finago Procountor
Visma Netvisor
24/7 Office



External invoice
Visma Collectors
Fortnox Invoice
Hotel systems
Micros Fidelio (Opera)

Hotel systems
Micros Fidelio (Opera)

External orders
We Order Takeout/Delivery
We Order Dine In
Deliverect (Foodora, UberEats, etc)


Handle orders directly at the table

  • Take orders, send vouchers to kitchen/bar and complete payments at the table
  •  Split payments and open bills directly at the table
  •  Less running, more time for guests, and increased sales

Regardless of whether you have a small business that require a mobile solution as a complete POS, or if you run a larger business and use OPEN Go as part of a larger solution, OPEN Go will completely change the way you work.

Everything you used to have in your POS and pyament solution, are now availible in a single portable device. Mobile POS systems make it possible to take orders from customers, send vouchers to the kitchen/bar and complete payments at the table – all from a single portable device.

The physical device has a larger screen for easy overview and is lighter than many other terminals, making it easy to carry around.

OPEN Go Tablemate

Serve your guests using your smartphone

Your point-of-sale system in your smartphone

Easy to handle tables, kitchen tickets and splitt bills

Tap to phone – transform your smartphone to a card terminal. The guest only tap her smartphone och credit card on the back on the phone​

OPEN Order​

Increase your sales with orders from the web

With OPEN Order, your customer, from home or on the way to the restaurant, can order directly from the online shop on your website – something that eliminates queues, waiting time and allows the guest to pick up the food at the desired time.

OPEN Order is directly connected to the POS. cahnges to Items and prices are synced directly to the web site, meaning you only need to maintain one menu.

The orders from the web site will appear in your checkout on a separate tab where you can see all the necessary information about the order and the guest.

A kitchen ticket will also be sent to the kitchen, according to your settings, so that you can prepare the food in time.

The customer receives an order number and an email with confirmation of their order.

With our add-on product OPEN Order In-Seat, guests can order the food themselves directly at the table, without stress or having to queue. By scanning a QR code on the table, they can order and pay for their food – a solution that saves time for both the guests and the restaurant.

OPEN Express

Less queues and higher effeciency with self-service

Let your guests order at their own pace at the self-service checkout. This gives your staff time to focus on cooking and service.

OPEN Express is a self-service checkout where the end customer can order their food at the restaurant in a self-service kiosk. The solution also supports take away, and payments with Swish, VIPPS and Mobile Pay.

The menu is synchronized from the POS system, so you only need to maintain one menu. The orders are sent directly to your POS and handled like external orders, with kitchen ticket printing as your normal setup.

OPEN Express can also be combined with OPEN KDS system (digital kitchen counters), with information screens in the kitchen and towards the customer.

Additional services

We can develop your business and increase sales

Everything you need for your daily business to function quickly and without friction.

With OPEN KDS (Kitchen Display System) we digitize all bongs. On a display, the staff can have full control of all orders, which means no more lost paper orders.

OPEN Insight is the tool to follow your sales in real time via your phone, or to analyse your business in order to make the right decision.

For those who need the stock module, OPEN Inventory facilitates the inventory, an easy-to-use app that can be downloaded on any phone or tablet, easily accessible and efficient.

OPEN Order In-Seat is a valued supplement, both for the guest and the business. Via a QR code on the table, the guest can order and pay in peace and quiet. No queues or stress.


Digitize your kitchen orders, full control of every order

OPEN Insight

web-based report and analysis tool, full control and insight into the business

OPEN Inventory

Stock inventory app, simple, fast and efficient

OPEN In-Seat

Ordering and payment via QR code at the table saves time for both the guests and the restaurant

Industry solutions

With over 20,000 installations, we know your business

OPEN’s payment solutions are available at restaurants, cafés, events and stores across the Nordic region.


Fastfood and Cafés

An easy to use POS system for Cafés and other small companies with the same smart funktions like the big franchises.


Restaurant and Bars

A complete and effective POS system that is tailored after your companies needs, to help you grow.

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Chains and Arenas

Fast and effective payments, get a overview for all your franchises with a single POS system.


Fuel and Charging

The industries top POS system for Fuels tations, now with support for Charging stations, payments and accounting.

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Tele2 Arena kundreferens kassasystem
Summerburst Kundreferens kassasystem
Rasta kundreferens