The Barn is a restaurant chain derived from the west coast of Sweden. Their menu is inspired by American cuisine, but with a Swedish twist. The Barn was the first restaurant in Gothenburg to upgrade to the new Hippo payment Solution, and our functionalities that simplify and streamline business, both for the customer and the company, have been greatly appreciated ever since.

- We like to be at the forefront and test new things that can increase the service and user-friendliness both for us and for our customers. It really feels like we got it with that payment system, it has an incredibly good user-friendliness and not only facilitates service but also outside.

Marcus, founder and owner of The Barn


The Barn group currently operate four restaurants; The Barn, Teaterkällaren, Howlin’ Bowl and Pig Pen
To read more about The Barn and their culinary concept, visit The Barn

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