New features in OPEN Two

We’ve been busy!

We’ve been talking to our customers and partners to get valuable feedback on their pain points and needs, so we can continue to build a great NextGen POS. Here are some of the latest features and functions in our awesome product, OPEN Two.

Table management

We’ve made it easier to manage your restaurant with our table management feature. You can now create tables and separate different dining rooms and choose which items you want in each serving. To create a serving, simply start serving, select the items and send the order to the kitchen when it’s ready. You can also take payment and split the bill directly from the device you want

Tip made Simple!

When you pay by card, Vipps, Swish, you get pre-selected tip options of 5%,10%,15% and the possibility to give your own percentage and amount or skip the tip. Convenient for you and your guests. Statistics show that this method also increases the tip revenue.

Reports and Dashboard filters

A new version of the staff report and new filters in the dashboard. All to make it easier to drive your business.


Direct integration with Vipps for easy handling of payments towards their platform. We generate a QR code that is easily scanned to secure the amount and accounts.


Sync staff,  sales and keep track of tips with the help of integration to Personalkollen


Tripletext is one of the common accounting systems in the restaurant industry. Here, we have made it easy to simplify your accounting. Sync sales and Z-reports directly to the bookkeeping. Convenient.

Fiken is an accounting system that has a lot of users in Norway. Many small businesses uses it and we want to help them, so now Fiken is available as an option to automate the cash register sales and daily reports directly to the accounting system.

Design Receipts, E-receipts, and Kitchen Tickets

Design the appearance of your different receipts and kitchen tickets. Add a logo, extra text, or adjust the size.

Light & Dark mode

Tastes differ, some want a light screen on their POS, others want a dark one. That’s why we now give you the opportunity to choose what suits you best. Dark mode creates a modern impression, while some prefer the lighter interface.

Report Pre-view directly in POS

View the reports directly in the cash register before printing them. A way to create flexibility for you so that you don’t have to print reports unnecessarily, sometimes you just want to look at the x-report. Then it can feel unnecessary to print it on paper. So now you can look at it first.

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