Meet OPENs new mobile product platform – Two

OPEN announces the next addition to the product line-up, OPEN Two.

OPEN Two is a fully cloud based POS (point of sale) system – where the cash register is available as an app at Google Play Store. Together with the new platform, OPEN also launch the possibility to use an android device as a payment terminal (Tap-to-phone).

We could not be prouder and more excited than we are right now, as we get to introduce OPEN Two for all our current and future customers. This will be a great addition to the product line up that OPEN can offer.

Johan Svensson, CEO at OPEN

OPEN Two is based on a state-of-the-art cloud native platform which is fully in-house developed and can be used from any android tablet, phone, or android-based payment terminal. The OPEN Two system is fully approved by the relevant authorities as an approved cash register with a cloud-based control unit.  

The POS supports multiple payments methods, and a tap-to-phone payment option, available when running the app on an android phone or tablet with NFC capabilities. With the tap-to-phone functionality the need of traditional payment terminals can be reduced. It could also act as a complement and a quick way of getting an extra cash register when needed.

I am particularly excited about the fully mobile tap-to-phone solution, that enables the use of your phone as the only device needed to process a wide range of payment types such as credit cards, mobile wallets and swish

Fredrik Zetterlund, Head of Innovation and Technology at OPEN

The OPEN Two family also includes the option of running the cash register on an android payment terminal with included printer, which enables an all-in-one solution for the mobile merchant. We have also full support for external receipt printers, payment terminals and cash drawers to cater for the needs at over-the-counter merchants  

The Backoffice environment is a very intuitive, web-based system where all the administration, reporting and dashboards can be found.    

The Open Two app is available at Google play store and with an installation time of only minutes, it has never been easier to start up a professional payment system for businesses than now.   

OPEN provides comprehensive payment solutions for the restaurant and service industry. We are the Nordic region’s leading supplier with customers and operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The company’s headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden and employs about 130 people in Sweden, Norway and Finland. 

OPENs headquarter is moving

After five years at Lindholmspiren, the OPEN office in Gothenburg is moving across the river to the newly built office building Emigranten at Hälsingegatan 12. The office is located next to one of Gothenburg’s most well-known historic buildings Amerikahuset – and part of the exciting development that is currently taking place around Masthugget.

Having the office at Lindholmen has suited us perfectly over the years, but now it is time for us to both adapt our premises to the direction OPEN is heading towards and because we, like everyone else, have a different need for premises than before the pandemic.

Johan Svensson, CEO at OPEN

OPEN is located on Hälsingegatan from 1st of September. 

Now that we are on site, we look forward to welcoming both customers and partners to our premises, Johan continues.

OPEN is expanding its payment solution-offering for charging electric vehicles

Leading payment solution provider in the Finnish petroleum market OPEN POS Finland (OPEN) is expanding its offering to also cover payment and management solutions for Electric Vehicle charging.  OPEN has strong domain knowledge and close to 30 years of deep experience in energy station management and a variety of payment solutions for manned and unmanned stations. Today the company is strengthening its offering by a launch of a complete and innovative payment and management solution for electric vehicle charging. With the launch of the OPEN OR-eV solution, OPEN POS Finland is demonstrating a strong passion for bringing the new Charging solution available throughout the European market.

Open POS Finland (OPEN) is introducing its new OR-eV solution for Electric Vehicle charging solution with payment and Remote management solutions at the UNITI expo 2022 Exhibition in Stuttgart. Open OR- eV solutions provide in addition to a scalable cloud-based management system a smooth payment process with all modern payment methods including contactless payment cards, mobile payments, and QR codes (Mobile Pay, Swish) for paying for EV car charging in any venue. The solution is user-friendly and completely secure. After charging only the amount of kWh used will be charged from your bank account. Open OR-eV also offers e-receipt to EV drivers for complete transparency.

OPEN’s easy-to-use and reliable payment solution for vehicle charging is the ideal solution for creating a future-proof and modern energy station. Solution is very much scalable for individual charging points, or alternatively for an entire charging park – thanks to its many innovative functionalities and flexibility with Charging HW in use. OPEN’ solution also allows the operator of charging points easy upgrading of your existing setup.

OPEN’s payment solution for vehicle charging is easy to install, integrate and maintain

OPEN offers the most innovative solutions to help our customers to grow and expand their business. Open OR-eV, a payment solution for EV car charging, is easy to integrate into the existing forecourt ecosystem. Operators of existing traditional petrol forecourt can easily fit EV chargers into existing infrastructure including payments, loyalty, and bonuses with the help of OPEN OR-eV outdoor payment terminal. The solution also supports any number of EV Chargers and direct control of EV charges via OCCP protocol.

OPEN also offers a stress-free solution for real-time monitoring of EV stations enabling our customers to streamline their operations and focus on the development of their business. OR-eV is provided with a scalable cloud-based monitoring system that allows remote analysis, proactive monitoring, and remote equipment control functions without having a need to enter physically on the energy station.

OPEN payment solutions for vehicle charging are now available all over Europe

OPEN POS Finland is a well-known company in the Nordics Petroleum market with its leading payment solutions. OPEN OR – eV correspondingly to any other solutions provided by OPEN are designed to be durable in harsh climate conditions. With the launch of Open OR-eV, OPEN POS Finland expand its business available throughout Europe.

” OPEN OR- eV is a revolutionary solution for converting EV charging into a sustainable business in an Energy Stations environment “

– Harri Halminen, Managing Director of OPEN POS Finland Oy

Today launched OPEN OR- eV solution for vehicle charging is compliant with the German Ladesäulenverordnung (LSV) – Charging Station Ordinance and supports the latest legislation from Ger-many about access to public charging infrastructure.

For more information, please contact:

Harri Halminen

Managing Director, OPEN POS Finland Oy

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