• Leading POS provider in the Nordic region
  • Easy to use system with both indoor and outdoor functionality
  • Accessible real-time data to leverage your business

Reliable full-service OPT provider in the Nordics

With more than 25 years of experience within the petroleum industry, we are proud to be a leading Point of Sale provider in the Nordic region. Being a regional player, we have had the opportunity to work close to our customers and develop products adapted to their needs. This is part of our DNA and we look forward to discussing how we can adapt our solutions to your company’s needs.


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Market’s most innovative products for fuel retail business

OPEN offers Outdoor Payment Terminal solutions for fuel stations. These can be used as an autonomous POS or be connected to our complete in-store POS. Regardless of the scope of the solution required, we offer real-time control and remote management possibilities that enable you to run your station smoothly and stress-free.


A smart and future proof solution

The increase in electric vehicle usage will have a large impact on smart energy stations in the near future. OPEN offers an easy-to-use and reliable self-service Outdoor Payment Terminal solution. Just like all our services, the OPT can be autonomous or connected to an in-store POS and connects to a secure and stable back-office.


OPEN’s solution offers you a competitive advantage

For your car wash, OPEN offers an easy-to-use and reliable self-service Point of Sale system. The system can be managed individually as a single OPT or be integrated to a complete in-station POS. OPEN offers a back-office solution that show real-time data on sales and capacity levels to enable analysis and maximize profit.


Additional solutions for Fuel and Energy retail

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