• Create a seamless shopping experience regardless of where on the ship the customer is
  • Reporting tools give you insight into sales to enable future growth
  • Automatically updates time and VAT rules for the countries that the ship visits

Overall payment solutions for cruise ships

OPEN is unique in providing a POS system that coordinates with all operations on a ship; whether you are looking for a payment solution for duty free, the dining hall, bar or spa. As a fully-encompassing supplier, we are able to simplify administrative tasks considerably, giving you overall control of the ship’s payment stream and inventory statistics.

This is a determining factor in the ability to optimize vessel operation sales as the window of time for such activities is short. Our system is integrated with various booking systems for residents and travelers aboard the ship. OPEN’s POS system can even support international VAT and customs regulations, which is crucial considering the variation while traveling through international waters.

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Key functions in our payment solutions for cruises

  • Fully chain solution for customers with support for multiple currencies, companies, countries in one database
  • Loyalty and campaigns
  • Currency exchange
  • Back commission / Campaign contributions
  • Excise
  • Custom reports
  • Table reservation
  • Inventory with EDI connections to suppliers
  • Slabb (Ration based employee discount)
  • AI Assistant – The smart digital AI-bot

Experience openpos.ai

Your AI-assistant ready to serve you 24/7

  • Learning answers on new questions every day
  • Connected via Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant
  • Easy way to get quick answers such as how many articles of Pepsi in stock right now
  • Why login to an app or start BackOffice when you can have your sales data instant?
  • Right permissions based to setup in BackOffice. For example a restaurant manager can access only one restaurant but a CEO can access all restaurants

Inventory – take better control over your costs

  • Order suggestions
  • Build own models for order suggestions
  • EDI integration and purchase automation
  • Plan your prices months or years in advance

Apps for stock management

  • Supporting all platforms (iOS, Android, Win)
  • Offline
  • Stock Order
  • Delivery
  • Stock crush
  • Stock count
  • Usable tools:
    • Connect article to EAN
    • Price check
    • Inventory turnover
    • Days held in inventory

Take better control over your business – strengthen your profit

  • Real time data analysis
  • Registry maintenance
  • Dynamic reports
  • Exports
  • Stock management
  • Support multiple countries, multiple companies, multiple currencies in one platform
  • Support multiple windows open at the same time
  • Supports several screens
  • Easy import/export of data to system
  • Build your own reports and/or use the predefined reports
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Advanced filter and search options to handle your data in a smart way


  • Company Structure
  • Cost Center
  • POS Layouts
  • BackOffice Layouts
  • Data management
  • Article Flow
  • Item structure
  • Article
  • Price lists management
  • Price management
  • Article combinations/menus
  • Recipe / Ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Kitchen/Bar tickets
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • Payment types
  • POS Sales Restaurants
  • POS Sales Bars
  • POS Sales Retail
  • POS Self Service
  • Permissions
  • Route tableShop In Shop/Rest/Info
  • Accounting
  • Cash vault
  • DiscountCampaign
  • Dispenser
  • Currency
  • Exchange office
  • Car deck delivery / Pre-order
  • Order to ship
  • S-Bonus / bonus cards
  • Stock handling
  • Stock order
  • Stock return
  • Stock transfer
  • Stock shrinkage
  • Stock log
  • Stock Status
  • Supplier management
  • Table reservation
  • Receipt layouts
  • Crew sales (slabb)
  • End of day
  • Authorities
  • Reports
  • Food Safety
  • Payment terminals
  • Integrations
  • AI-Bot
  • Fiscal
  • General settings
  • System help / videos
  • Security / logs

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