23 september 2019


5 gode grunner til å velge OPENs betalingsløsninger

In today’s world, a Point of Sale system is an essential part of running any successful restaurant or bar. It gives you a better understanding of your customers, your staff, and your business. Also, it helps you grow your business and lets you work smarter ways in your restaurant. Don’t settle for less, here are OPEN’s payment solution’s top 5 features!


Flexible, accessible and easy to use

OPEN’s Point of Sale system is the most innovative payment solution for you regardless of the size of your business. It is optimal, tailor-made, and it is perfect for the busy business owner looking to simplify everyday life. The solution is accessible whether you use our new mobile payment terminal (OPEN Go) or our full Point of Sale system (OPEN One).
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Reporting & Analytics functions

Grow your business by analyzing your sales data. OPEN Insight solution gives you an at-a-glance view of how your restaurant is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’s performance without having to hunt for the info. OPEN Numbers is the perfect solution for easy insight on the go with the help of artificial intelligence.
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Integrating your business management systems into one place gives you full control over your business and enables a boost in sales and long-term growth. OPEN’s payment solution’s integrations are easy to configure and manage.
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TablePay Function

OPEN’s TablePay function lets you take orders from customers, place orders to the kitchen, split bills, and complete payments by the table. It enables more time for customer service and less time for running around.
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MultiPay Function

MultiPay is one of many functions in OPEN’s POS, but once you use it, you can’t live without it. MultiPay increases revenue by managing multiple payments. It’s a popular feature among outlets such as lunch restaurants where more customers can be greeted within a limited amount of lunch hours.
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Looking at the features above gives you an idea of what features are right for your restaurant or bar. A Point of Sale systems that meets your restaurant’s requirements well makes it as easy as possible to focus on growing your business and run your restaurant smoothly.

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