M as in Mattias, R as in Roy and so of course Cake!

Mattias Ljungberg and Roy Fares are two recognized confectioneries in Sweden, both has won confectionery of the year and has published various books. In September they opened Mr Cake together on Östermalm in Stockholm, the classic cafe serves famous pastries as well as breakfast, salads and brunch. 

Mattias, who also owns Tössebageriet has previously had OPEN as a cashier supplier and been very satisfied therefore it was obvious to choose OpenSolution for Mr Cake.

We have a good contact with the supplier and know that it is a very well functioning cashier system”  



"OPEN is through a very good cashier system without focusing on any specific functions, all the features are included and they are in the forefront and are even proactive in many situations."


Mr Cake is located on Rådmansgatan 12A in Stockholm, visit Mr Cake for more information!

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