Bar Himmel might be the most flexible restaurant that only opens when the weather allows. When running a flexible business it is important to have an adjusted cashier system that works well with the needs of the organization. Our cashier system is very favorably for rentals under the period of the year when the business is opened. Flexibility and adjustments was some crucial factors when Bar Himmel decided to run with OpenSolution´s products. Bar Himmel is part of Götaplatsgruppen, other restaurants within the same organization is SK Mat & Människor, TOSO and Mr. P. To have the same payment system on all restaurants is to an advantage, since the restaurants could for example apply shared gift cards. Another advantage is that the administrative tasks becomes easier when all the reports looks the same.


"Our rental solutions are perfect for organizations that only are open during a part of the year, like our customer Bar Himmel!"


Bar Himmel has Gothenburg’s largest outdoor seating and might also be the best one during the summer.


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