WÜRST owners have used OpenSolutions cashier system before at their other restaurant and did now choose to continue the collaboration. By having the same cashier system at both restaurants, it makes it easier for the staff to be able to shift between the two but it also simplifies the administrative work.
Opensolutions Backoffice makes it possible to get all the statistics and reports from both restaurants to the same computer. This doesn’t just simplify the administrative work for the owners, it also reduces the work for the auditors which reduces costs for the company.

” We appreciate the wireless payment terminals and the function TablePay. It makes us more effective by reducing the distance to the cash register and give us more time to focus on the guests. “



WÜRST is a restaurant in Gothenburg that serves Würst artisan sausages with a mix of different side orders. The sausages are locally produced and the recipe is created together with the owners to create the best taste out of natural commodities.

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