Cherry is a Swedish casino organization that have now implemented our reliable cashier system that is tailored toward the company’s needs. Some of the functions used within their custom solution are: integration of EMW card terminals, croupiers time management, Back Office, monitoring and inventory. Cherry Casino is one of the world’s first casinos, and they have a great position on the market. Guests can play everything from slot machines, video slots, Roulette and Black Jack. Cherry Casino has received honored awards from Best Online Gaming Operator in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We are constantly evolving, and so are our customers; which is why we keep in close contact throughout a partnership and quickly adapt to changes within the organization.

"In the casino business, it is important to have strong digital security which OPEN´s products are well-equipped for."


Casino is a one of the oldest and most trustworthy corporations in Sweden.

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