OpenSolution main advantage that Stureplansgruppen can take care of in their organization is the reliable restaurant solutions. Stureplansgruppen receives a high security when the same restaurant solutions are implemented on all the bars. Important functions that Stureplansgruppen use to improve the environment both for the guests and staff is the popular solution TablePay. Table reservation, table management and the design can be adjusted for each restaurant. Other functions that that are appreciate is the followup payment and monitoring flows that can be tracked in real time. OpenSolution is also cooperating with Elavon, which makes it possible to have direct reconciliation of the payment cards around the world.

In Stureplangruppen you can find: Gamla Riksarkivet, Musikaliska, Spy Bar, Nosh and Chow, Hillenberg and Supper Gården. But also Supper Åre, Stureplan 1, Humlan Taqueria & Bar, Griffins Steakhouse, Globen.

"Our system is great for someone that conducts many organizations, since we have direct reconciliation with the cards, you can see and monitor the payments."


Stureplansgruppen is Sweden´s largest entertainment group that run and operates within the restaurant-, entertainment-, congress- catering, hotel - and experience industry in Stockholm.

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