Global Security are using the wardrobe cashier system T-Robe because it´s extremely effective and reliable.

Global Security is a company that among other things provide wardrobe services and has been using the cashier system Q-Robe but now upgraded to the latest edition T-Robe. The wardrobe system has a direct connection between the cash machine and the payment terminal, which makes it very user friendly. The cashier is also custom made for environments with large flows of people and therefore T-Robe is very time efficient for each customer. With T-Robe it is possible for a company to pay together but still receive a separate receipt for each person in the company

“For Global Security, it is very valuable that the wardrobe system is computer based, it enables Global Security to handle all the different client sales reports on the same computer”


Global Security AB is a security company that focus on complete solutions mostly with partners within the restaurant-, hotel-, meetings and event business.