23 november 2017


Sushi Yama choose OpenSolution as their new payment solution

The restaurant chain Sushi Yama has chosen OpenSolution payment system for all 33 of their operations.

We asked a few questions to Sushi Yamas board to know what they think after the installation.

What was it that made you to choose OpenSolution?

– It was the all over payment solution that made us chose OpenSolution. We want to be font edge and innovative the OS system provides software for ordering using web or app, integrated with the cashier system this was a crucial factor in the decision. But also the broad access of data for statistics and monitoring together with a good integration with our financial system. The fact that the cashier system also is available in different variants both in soft and hardware and that you can grow with the system by connecting to different modules with time made us feel safe for the future.

What modules do you have on your cashier system TablePay, MultiPay?

– We are using MultiPay in all operations and in some we are also using TablePay. Shortly we will get started with both OS Pre Order and OS Pre Order Delivery for web and app.

You are using OpenSolutions BackOffice system, what is your opinion about it?

BackOffice is used diligently together with OS Reports. You can manage all key functions from one place and can easily follow up on sales and bottlenecks. Through BackOffice can we also compensate for any dissatisfied guests by creating a voucher, which is appreciated and a crucial part of our CRM system.

Do you perceive that OpenSolution has improved/streamlined or created more profitability for your operation?

– Yes, the card payments are faster sense we doubled the payment terminals to every cash register and for an operations that is totally cash free like our it streamlines our flow.

Our scanner for reading barcodes is helpful when handling coupons and vouchers. One importing part of the system that one should not underestimate is the stability and reliability, it has also been a crucial part of our choice of cashier system. To date, we have not encountered anything that can cope with that fact. 

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