Slimfood, a healthy alternative to fast food operates in many locations where OPEN caters to their need for a complete payment solution. Their restaurants are located in highly-trafficked areas within Nordstrand and Lindholmen.  When running a fast food restaurant, it is important to operate with effective cashier equipment that can keep up with rapid customer turnover. Open can handle quick and extensive payments which benefits both the customers and staff when multiple clients are being helped during a short period of time. OPEN’s products are user-friendly and customizable to suit Slimfood’s specific needs. Simplicity, saving valuable time and the possibility to tailor products to perfectly suit your company are just some of the reasons that make Open the obvious choice!


"OPEN’s products gives us more control over our business which is perfect for a chain like Slimfood!"



Slimfood is a healthy fast food restaurant chain serving salad and sushi, primarily in Gothenburg but also in Stockholm.

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