Lindholmens most popular lunch restaurant all-year-round is Kooperativet, serving 1,300 guests daily. Kooperativet is located in one of Sweden’s most prime locations for business and serves 7 different lunch alternatives. A few of the 1,100-1,300 guests take their orders “to go”, but many choose to sit at one of Kooperativet’s 650 seats in the restaurant. To keep up with the high pace, Kooperativet installed our fast-running system MutiPay and ChipXpress. They are now able to serve 1,300 guests within 40 minutes on four terminals, one cashier and one staff member.

"MultiPay and ChipXpress make it possible for Kooperativet to serve 1,300 guests within an interval of 40 minutes; all by using four terminals, one checkout, and only one person taking care of the payments. That´s what we at OPEN call efficient."


Kooperativet is likely to be Lindholmens most popular lunch restaurant, serving up to 1,300 guests on a daily basis.

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