Both Flustret and we at OpenSolution like cashier solutions that are simple and results in less costs.

We at OPEN prefer cashier solutions that are simple, and Flustret agrees! Simplicity is something we always strive to reach, especially when we customized the installation with TablePay in the restaurant area and with MultiPay in the bar and entrance of Flustret. The adjusted system is both useful for the staff and the working environment. At the same time, it is very helpful for Flustret’s ability to deliver top-quality service and entertainment. Our solid industry experience combined with tailor-made solutions make the night more fun; both for Flustret and the visitors.

"We at OPEN believe that the best cashier solutions are the ones that require as little administrative time as possible. This was our top priority when we installed Flustrets cashier system!"


Flustret has delivered fun, energetic and eventful evenings to their guests since the beginning in 1842.

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