Cederleüfs & Svenheimers is a third-generation bakery and pastry shop creating everything from cakes, pastries and stone oven-baked bread, sandwiches and salads.

They value high-quality and conservation of our environment which is why they produce locally to offer their customers the finest products. When Cederleüfs & Svenheimers felt it was time to look for a new casheir system, integrations were something they highly valued. Because we can integrate our casheir system with other suppliers such as bakery systems, ordering and payroll systems, we streamline the various units and reduce administrative work.



"We chose OPEN because it is a well-developed POS system with good and important interactions that increase the efficiency of our operations"



Cederleüfs & Svenheimers have seven locations throughout Gothenburg. To read more, visit their website Cederleüfs & Svenheimers

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