27 February 2020


Using OPEN Go, Phil’s Burger can focus on quality for their customers

Philip Örtegren and Peder Skaj had a vision in common. They wanted to open a restaurant that served burgers made from scratch. Where only the best ingredients were used. Where all meats would be of the best possible quality and from Swedish meat producers. Phil’s Burger opened its doors in 2014 and all the above became reality. Locally produced meat with no additives, bread freshly baked every morning, and a passionate team that was eager to start offering customers something really special!


The customer is priority number one, even when choosing an IT system

Phil’s Burgers focus is on the customer, which is why not only the food is important but the entire experience. Exactly why did they choose to cooperate with OPEN? By using OPEN they can focus on what’s important: delivering quality to customers. The chefs avoid all the hassle and can instead put their efforts into the food. Using OPEN Go, waiters can send all orders straight to the kitchen, where the chefs immediately start preparing the meals.


Well-structured platform to grow with

OPEN was integrated with their other systems without difficulties. With OPEN, they have complete control over staff costs, rosters and time tracking. It makes staff management much easier, as all systems are in one place. This way, managers have a clear view of all transactions.

“We had been searching for a supplier who could meet our demands of having all our systems integrated into one platform and with a solution we can continue to grow with. OPEN meets all our needs for the future.”

Charles Wade, CEO at Phil’s Burger


Improved efficiency, lower costs and increased net sales

Being able to analyse data has been crucial to the success of Phil’s Burger. By using OPEN Insight, it’s easy to be on top of all reports and registers that are being updated in real time. In one and the same place, they have full control over more than 20 standard reports covering things like net sales, inventory, waste, product loss and campaigns!

Thomas Pedersen, Strategic Accounts at OPEN, believes that was a significant reason why Phil’s Burger selected OPEN. Thomas is optimistic about the future:

 “This is yet another Nordic chain who’s choosing OPEN thanks to our flexibility and because they need a platform where they can grow while also improving efficiency, lowering costs, and boosting net sales. We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Phil’s Burger and being an important partner as they continue to prosper.”

OPEN is a comprehensive solution, very well suited for a company like Phil’s Burger. All numbers and financial reports are managed in a streamlined manner, which allows staff to put their efforts into creating great products loved by their customers. Using OPEN simplifies life for business owners.

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