1 October 2019


The rise of mobile ordering

How do you increase the current revenue without adding tables, chairs and more employees? A hot tip would be to adapt to the current restaurant trends – ordering apps that cater the customer, provide greater freedom and change the shopping experience. Thanks to increased online shpping, the ordering pattern has also changed how we want to order food.



In the Nordic countries home delivery and take away have taken root in the restaurant industry and the market has undergone incredible development in recent years. Several restaurant concepts have adopted digital solutions that make the customer journey more smooth and not least efficient. Various digital solutions can be integrated directly into the point-of-sale system, giving you a seamless ordering module.


Let the guest be in charge

The online ordering experience has enabled the customer to controll every step of the ordering process, which frees up resources for other tasks in the restaurant. Digital orders also lead to more flexibility for the customer. Here is a typical example:

You´ve come home from work and have been thinking about sushi or burgers all day and you suddenly find yourself sitting down in the couch while opening the app to your favourite restaurant. You can browse through the meny, pick all items and choose your add-ons, write a comment to the restaurant before selecting your prefered pick-up time. 20 minutes later you arrive the restaurant, picking up your order at the counter and bring your dinner home.


The experience you provide the customer through the app allows the customer to control the entire shopping experience themselves which eliminates long queues and waiting time while you can serve a full restaurant at the same time – A win-win situation!


Increasing in-app functionality

As a restaurant owner you likely want the customer to repeat the order on a regular basis. Loyalty programs and incentives are important tools to build good relationships over time within the digital ordering solutions. Push-notifications, in-app marketing and campaigns are just some of the functionality that can appeal towards the customer. It is important hat you create a good relationship between customer and “brand” where the experience is moved from the physical restaurant to the app.


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Our experience

Several of OPEN´s customer have set up a solution between app and point-of-sale system where the app is the master of all orders. We work with partners who tailor the customer experience where you are only a few clicks from success. If you would like to hear more about what we can deliver when it comes to mobile ordering, please contact us by the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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