27 February 2020


Streamlining with OPEN Go

A restaurant experience must be hassle-free and convenient for all guests. All to ensure that guests have an optimal overall experience. With the new OPEN Go – our new comprehensive mobile POS solution – staff gets a complete overview of available tables, orders, and payments. Using tools that improve and simplify certain work tasks means that other areas can be prioritised. A happy customer is the best reward a restaurant can get. With OPEN Go, there are great opportunities to boost any restaurant, small or large alike.

This is how OPEN Go works

OPEN Go is a mobile POS system allowing waiters to not run around between the kitchen, the stationary cash registers and the tables. All work can be performed on the device. Using OPEN Go, staff can:

  • – Get an overview of available tables
  • – Take orders
  • – Send orders straight to the kitchen and the bar
  • – Get an overview of bookings
  • – Open bills directly at the table
  • – Complete, print, and split payments


All features that are available in the cash register are now available on a mobile device as well. OPEN Go simplifies work tasks and makes them more time-efficient, allowing staff to spend more time providing service and creating positive restaurant experiences.

Boost satisfaction, both among customers and staff

Many business owners constantly put efforts into streamlining their workplaces and work processes. Using OPEN Go, restaurant owners can achieve high quality and efficiency by changing the way some work processes are performed. The device allows staff to have a better overview of guests, available tables, orders and payments. Don’t hesitate to provide the best possible experience to both staff and guests by investing in a mobile POS.

Making a few investments in one’s business is often only a positive for the business itself. The real evidence of truly successful investments can be seen in returning guests, happy staff, and better profits. With OPEN Go, you can go as far as you wish.

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