STF – Svenska Turistföreningen goes OPEN One

We are happy to announce our partnership with STF – Svenska Turistföreningen.

STF recently scanned the market of Point-of-sale to find the perfect partner to help them create a great customer experience. A partner who understands the complexity of being in a normal location and being out in the wild. All vendors was compered with a point system where functionally, product setup and packaging was measured.

We’re honored to be the choosen vendor and we are so happy to work together to create an amazing customer experience.

“It has been fun and a bit crazy experience doing this special project. I will specially remember when we went out to Helags and the snowmobile couldn’t reach the station cause of too little snow so we needed turn around. When we finally started the installations, we got the information that we had less time than planned cause of a snowstorm was coming. We solved it in time and the ride home was a story for itself.”  Magnus Lundgren – Service and Delivery at OPEN. “By visiting each station, you get a unique insight of the special needs for this customer on every location. That you don’t have any regular backups if somethings goes wrong, And that it’s actual possible to have a full-service restaurant in middle of nowhere”


STF – Svenska Turistföreningen is a non-profit membership organization that works towards ensuring that everyone has access to Sweden’s nature and culture, both today and in the future. This requires, among other things, better opportunities for sustainable tourism, good accommodations throughout the country, a commitment to the right of public access, and most importantly, inspiration and guidance for new adventures. With locations out into the wild.

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