4 December 2019


Restaurant visits with friends and family are increasingly common at Christmas


More and more people are tired of Christmas spreads, eternal cooking and relatives with slightly different views of responsibility. To avoid Christmas stress, they would rather eat Christmas dinner at a restaurant! Christmas Eve has become an increasingly common day to celebrate at a restaurant. According to the booking site Bookatable, the number of booked tables on Christmas Eve has increased significantly for each year for the past five years. The statistics show that restaurant visitors in several other countries in Europe have a similarly behavior; in Belgium and Switzerland, group visits are doubled before Christmas and in France they increased by 80% and 50% respectively in Italy. 


Christmas is to be enjoyed and more and more restaurants, pubs and bars are open and with more generous opening hours on Christmas Eve than before. Both young and old, families and friends choose to eat Christmas dinner at a restaurant to avoid having to fix the food themselves. Tourism to big cities is also increasing during Christmas and many restaurants are fully booked several months in advance. Despite this, people still find it difficult to find restaurants that are available at Christmas if you have not made a booking well in advance, make your business more visible by using booking systems such as Bookatable.

Restaurants and nightclubs with a high flow of guests need an efficient and easy-to-use payment solution to ensure the level of service and salesOPEN delivers a payment system that contributes to streamlining day-to-day operations by tailoring the system to its own needs, including integrations for table bookings such as Bookatable.




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