TOSO, one of Gothenburg´s finest restaurants, is now benefitting from the complete restaurant solution we offer at OPEN. Their cuisine is timeless and inspired by the Asian kitchen. TOSO uses TablePay in their restaurants to increase customer satisfaction. They opened in 2014 and have already won prestigious awards such as, “Best Asian Kitchen of the Year” by Booktable. The restaurant group Götaplatsgruppen, like TOSO, use this revolutionary cashier system. Some of the restaurants within Götaplatsgruppen are Bar Himmel, Mr. P and SK Mat & Människor. This makes it possible to use gift cards interchangeably across all the restaurants within the group. TOSO can seat roughly 100 guests in-house; you will find high-end customer service regardless if you are in the dining room, bar or outdoor patio. The PRO package is a perfect solution for TOSO when many cashiers are needed. Although they have many cashiers, only one daily report is produced for collective sales and transactions.


"TOSO can now improve the customer experience and service with our function TablePay."



TOSO is one of the top restaurants in Gothenburg, serving food inspired by the Asian kitchen.

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