Sushi Yama has grown to be the largest sushi restaurant chain in Sweden, and it continues to grow each day. They have a need for an overall payment solution that is not only compatible and able to integrate with other systems, but also generate a greater asset of statistics and information. By using the OPEN cashier system with BackOffice and OS Reports, they will get increased control over their business. They also get access to all key functions from one computer which makes it easier to follow up on sales and to identify obstacles to increase sales.

“One important aspect that should not be underestimated is the stability of the system and how reliable it is. This was crucial in our choice of a cashier system, and as of now we have not found anything that can blemish that fact.”


Sushi Yama was founded 2008 and is as of today Sweden’s largest sushi chain, with its 33 cash free restaurants spread throughout the country. To read more about Sushi Yama and there concept visit Sushi Yama

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