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Self-ordering apps will boost sales

Encouraging your customers to order through apps is a great way to increase your sales and reduce staff expenses. Either your customers can order from their table or remotely for take-away. Having the customer place, send and pay for the order themselves through their phones frees up time for your staff.

In-seat ordering app

Grow average order value

Your customers can order directly from their table through their smartphones instead of standing in line. Once ordered, the customers can easily pay and receive the receipt directly on their phone. Your staff no longer need to take orders or payments. Ideal as a complement to bar ordering in busy beer gardens and restaurants. In addition, a loyalty function is connected to the app, encouraging customers to come back over and over again.

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Remote ordering app

Increase sales beyond seated guests

Your customers can order directly from the app on their way to the restaurant, eliminating queues and allowing guests to enjoy their meals outside your restaurant. Payment and pickup options are built into the app going straight into the same bong system as the in-venue orders.

Our app integrations for remote and in-seat ordering are PreOrder and WeOrder.

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