A mobile payment solution handless not only payments, but so much more.


A mobile payment solution suitable for all

OPEN Go gives you the complete payment solution within our latest mobile payment device.

  • Take orders, send bongs to kitchen/bar and pay at the table.
  • Split bills and open new bills directly at the table.
  • Less running around and more time for customers and up sales.

No matter whether you are a small business using the device as your complete payment solution or running a bigger business using OPEN Go as part of a larger solution, it will completely change your way of working. Everything that you used to have in your Point of Sale system you now have in a single portable device.

The device has a bigger screen for easy overview and is lighter than many other terminals, making it easy to carry around.

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Take orders and send bongs to kitchen and bar

OPEN Go reduces running back and forth to the stationary Point of Sale. Instead they can easily add orders on their mobile payment device (OPEN Go) and send them straight to the kitchen. Perfect for larger restaurants and venues with an outdoor area. Staff will have more time for customer service resulting in even happier customers. Switch easily between different profit centers and get your menus updated in real time

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Manage seating directly in OPEN Go

When new guests come into the restaurant your staff can quickly answer the question on availability through OPEN Go and direct them to free seats. Once seated they can take an order on drinks which are directly sent to the bar. A smooth and welcoming customer experience.

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