Seamless integration beyond the borders

OPEN’s payment solution goes beyond its own borders. Enabling seamless integration with the most crucial business systems gives you full control over your business and enables a boost in sales and long-term growth. The integrations are easy to configure and manage.

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Get full control over sales and revenue

A fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Point of Sale system is crucial to improve efficiency and grow your business. We are proud to say that we are best in class when it comes to these integrations. OPEN One is connected to some of the biggest ERP systems in the Nordics.

  • Manage your sales data in one place and obtain a holistic overview of the business
  • Get a continuous update of the account scheme directly into your ERP system
  • Exclude manual administration with daily reports
  • Make the invoicing process more efficient and convenient for your employees

We offer seamless integration with several ERP solutions including Fortnox, Tripletex and Visma.

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Scheduling software

Keep track of your employees

Integrating your online scheduling software and OPEN One means that you can optimize scheduling and keep track of your employees all in one location.

Examples of features in the staff management integration:

  • Easy overview of salary expenses
  • Easy management of employee scheduling & time tracking
  • Make smarter employee management decisions

We provide seamless integration with the most commonly used scheduling systems on the market such as; Planday, Tidbanken and Personalkollen.

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Inventory Management

Increase cost control

Good control and easy management of inventory will save you both time and money. Integrating your stock system with our payment solution, OPEN One, provides you with a good overview of stock, turnover and waste.

Examples of features in the inventory integration:

  • Automatically place orders with bigger suppliers
  • Easy inventory checking
  • Control over stock
  • Waste management

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Hotel system integration

One POS for the entire Hotel

Create a seamless experience for your hotel customers by integrating your restaurant POS with the overall management system of the hotel. All purchases from the bar and restaurant easily entered on the hotel bill.

Examples of features in the hotel management integration:

  • Automatically transfer bills to hotel or conference room
  • Verification that payment is implemented by the right person
  • Easy split of revenue between hotel / conference and restaurant / bar

OPEN can integrate with hotel systems such as Oracle/Micros, HotSoft, Techotel

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