What is the difference between a cash register and a POS?

Is the size of my business crucial to the choice of payment solution? We will help you sort out the concept. 

Today there is a variety of aspects to consider when choosing a cashier system. Many more than before when the need for information and digitization was not as great. Today, the cashier system is a major part of the business and a crucial source of information to simplify flows, streamline operations to increase the potential for long-term growth. 

Cashier, the founder of payment solutions. The cash register was invented in the end of the 19th century and the purpose was to prevent theft and waste. It is a simple solution where the main function is only to take payments. This solution is still current but most often for over the counter sales in cafes, kiosks and other small businesses that do not need integrations with other systems. 

Cashier system is a software that is installed on a computer with a touch screen. The first modern cash register system came in the late 90’s. It revolutionized the industry, not only by being digital but also by integrating with other smart solutions such as wireless card terminals and online booking systems. The cash system has today been developed to be a decisive factor in operations in order to analyze and streamline operations. It includes, for example, MultiPay and TablePay functions as well as BackOffice functions for managing the administrative work. Read more about our Cashier system.


Cash register, Companies that handle payments of goods and services, by debit card, gift card or invoice must by law have a certified cash register. The purpose of the cash register is to protect serious business owners against competition from bad companies. Today’s cash registers are available as boxes or as a cloud-based solution. Companies that are required by law to have a cash register must report it to the Swedish Tax Agency. 

POS, means the Point Of Sale system and is a complete cash solution that includes both a cash system, payment terminals, reporting and integrations. POSet supports the company throughout its entire life cycle. In the POS system there are some things that previously be integrity already built in and the ability to analyze your business through reports is greater. Read more about our POS system.

mPOS, means mobile Point of Sale is thus a mobile selling point. It is a fully mobile cash register the same size as a payment terminal. OPEN is the first to launch this type of product. Everything you used to have in your payment and sales system, you can now have in one single portable device. Take orders from customers, send orders to kitchen / bar and complete payments at the table from a single portable unit. Read more about OPEN Go. 

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