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We want to simplify your everyday work

That’s why we offer card acquiring together with our latest payment terminals, OPEN Pay and OPEN Go, all compatible with most payment methods. A single point of contact for your complete payment solution enables you to focus on your business, and we do the rest.

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The choice of payment terminal is crucial

The right set-up enables you to easily charge your customers and thus serve more of them. Depending on the set-up of your business, we offer two kinds of terminals. OPEN Pay, our stationary payment terminal, is often sufficient in cafés where the customers pay at the checkout.

However, in restaurants where staff need to be more flexible, our latest innovation OPEN Go is preferable. The payment terminal works with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G but it also has the ability to execute and store offline transactions.

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OPEN Go - a new kind of payment terminal


A new kind of payment terminal

We are proud to present our new payment terminal, OPEN Go – lightweight, big screen and easy to use. This is a truly mobile Point of Sale solution with the complete cashier system, OPEN one, in a single location. Your staff are able to manage everything with this terminal, from taking orders to managing payments. Time spent back and forth to the stationary terminal is history and more time can be spent on delivering a good customer experience and increasing sales.

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A smooth terminal for smaller businesses

Our stationary payment terminal OPEN Pay is suitable for cafés, bakeries and smaller take-away outlets where a cost-efficient solution is preferable. Other customers that choose OPEN Pay for its operational stability are lunch restaurants’ connecting multiple devices to one payment solution through MultiPay.

If you only need a payment solution for a shorter period, the option is available to rent the payment terminals and the complete payment solution from us.

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Acquiring is a part of the payment ecosystem

A Point of Sale system is not complete without acquiring. With OPEN´s full-service solution we offer acquiring together with our payment terminals. You have one point of contact for acquiring, terminals and cashier system. We ensure that the payments follow through and that the money is transferred to your business account. For easy handling you get all transactions on one single invoice despite payment method.

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OPEN is compatible with modern payment methods

A modern payment solution needs to function with multiple payment methods. OPEN’s payment terminals are compatible with modern payment alternatives such as card payment with all common credit cards*, Swish/VIPPS, MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay, WeChat & AliPay.

*Visa, Master Cards, American Express, Diners, UnionPay & JCB

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