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Car wash

Generate more traffic and sales revenue with OPENs flexible  payment solution for car washing


Flexible payment solution for car washing

For self-service paying or in-store connected POS

Burglar-proof and Nordic climate conditions withstand design

Easily manage and monitor the functions remotely in real time


Smooth and efficient solution for car wash payment

Car wash needs an efficient and easy-to-use payment solution to minimize waiting time during rush hours. A smooth payment process increases the number of car washes and enables maximum profit. OPEN’s solution for paying for a car wash meets our customers’ specific requirements and enables your future growth.

OPEN’s waterproof and for Nordic climate conditions designed payment terminal for self-service car wash payment is highly customizable and easy to use. Our solution comes with car wash code management and license plate recognition. OPEN’s payment solutions can be integrated with the most popular washing machines.

OPEN offers a cloud-based back-office solution that shows real-time data on sales and capacity levels to enable analysis and maximize profit.


Reliable full-service OPT provider in the Nordics

With more than 30 years of experience within the petroleum industry, we are proud to be a leading fuel and energy stations’ payment solution provider in the Nordic region. As a regional player, we have had the opportunity to work closely with our customers and developed products adapted to their needs. This is part of our DNA and we look forward to discussing how we can adapt our solutions to your company’s needs.


Highly customizable payment solutions for fuel retail

We are experts in developing advanced, exceptionally reliable payment solutions for fuel retail. Our solutions are highly customizable and meet specific requirements for both manned and unmanned service stations. OPEN’s Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) is fast and easy to use and has been in commercial usage in Finland for more than 15 years.

OPEN’s modern and versatile fuel retail Point Of Sale solution (POS) is ideal for convenience fuel retail for stations and chains of various sizes. With smart functions, this advanced payment solution is fast and easy to use.

At OPEN, we help to fuel the growth of your business.


Fuel the growth of your business

Having comprehensive experience within the petroleum industry, we are experts in fuel retail payment solutions. Our customers are given a competitive advantage through the automatization of our customizable systems and tools. We will help you find the best solution for your service station that enables fuel the growth of your business.

Our Site Management and control tool allows increasing your operational efficiency and revenue by operating 24/7 even without the need for staff on site. Real-time monitoring and remote equipment maintenance carried out according to your needs, help you streamline workflow and simplify everyday business operations

OPEN's complete solution for fuel retail and charging includes all the site's important operations such as payment and management solutions
Our solution includes point-of-sale solutions (pos), outdoor payment terminal solutions (opt), site management and control, and back-office functions from a single supplier. Our solution also includes expert-level support and field maintenance services.


Specialized Payment Solutions for Fuel and Energy dealers

Complete solution for fuel or energy resale

OPEN offers complete Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) solutions for fuel and energy stations. Our solutions meet our customer-specific needs, regardless of the size of our customer’s business. Fuel the growth of your business whit our payment solutions.

Flexible payment solution for car washing

OPEN’s solution for car wash paying is a highly customizable and easy-to-use solution that can seamlessly be integrated with the POS system. Our car wash OPT is compatible with several car wash machine vendors. Increase the number of car washes and your future growth with OPEN’s payment solution.

Modern solution for paying for an electric vehicle charging

Open provide a smooth payment process with all modern payment methods for paying for EV charging in any venue. The solution is scalable from individual charging points to the entire charging park, or you can update your existing setup. Drive new revenue with OPEN’s payment solution for EV charging.

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