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Do more with less – Through our POS-system you can increase efficiency, getting more results with less personnel.


Our popular management report tools provides you with customized real time data and KPI:s.


Our POS and payment solutions help your team to work more efficient and increase your sales

Payment solutions for restaurants and nightclubs

You are currently running a restaurant or nightclub and are in need of several checkout-systems with integrated payment terminals. You appreciate efficiency and the ability to deliver a high level of service to your customers. You get this through features like TablePay, bill and payment directly at the table and the MultiPay capability that comes from the ability to have several payment terminals connected to the same POS. It is also important for you to be able to compile all sales in a report and integrate the payment system with your business system. Reliability is a prerequisite as well as getting immediate help and support if problems arise.

Important features on our payment solutions for restaurants and nightclubs 

We are experts on payment solutions and we will help you find the best solution for your restaurant or nightclub. With our knowledge your needs and specifications will be met. Our mission is for our payment solutions to make the day to day work more efficient for you and your employees.

Restaurants and nightclubs with many guests coming and going need an effective and easy-to-use payment solution to be able to charge for drinks and meals. Our mobile payment terminals are suitable for staff who need to be flexible and receive payments in different locations.

Our products are:

  • User-friendly touch-screen display
  • Communication through both WLAN and 3G
  • Advanced payment settings
  • Handle different currencies
  • Back-office system integration
  • Higher speed in transactions than our competitors

Key functions

  • Integrated with most common ERP-systems
  • Integrated with most common scheduling systems
  • In-seat ordering and Pre-order solutions with mobile apps
  • Inventory with support for direct orders to your suppliers via EDI
  • World class backoffice with real time data analysis
  • Integrated table reservation system
  • AI Assistant – The smart digital AI-bot

Next generation of MultiPay

Increase your revenue

  • Connect unlimited mobile payment terminals
  • Add more payment options than only credit card
  • Higher speed in transactions than our competitors

Inventory – take better control over your costs

  • Order suggestions
  • Build own models for order suggestions
  • EDI integration and purchase automation
  • Plan your prices months or years in advance

Apps for stock management

  • Supporting all platforms (iOS, Android, Win)
  • Offline
  • Stock Order
  • Delivery
  • Stock crush
  • Stock count
  • Usable tools:
    • Connect article to EAN
    • Price check
    • Inventory turnover
    • Days held in inventory

Take control over your business – strengthen your profit

  • Data analysis in real-time
  • Registry maintenance
  • Dynamic reports
  • Exports
  • Stock management
  • Support multiple windows open at the same time
  • Supports several screens
  • Easy import/export of data to system
  • Build your own reports and/or use the predefined reports
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Advanced filter and search options to handle your data in a smart way


Your AI-assistant is ready to serve you 24/7

  • Learns answers to new questions every day
  • Connected through Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant
  • Easy way to get quick answers to questions such as, “how many articles of Pepsi are in stock right now?”
  • Correct access permission set-up in BackOffice. For example, a restaurant manager may only be able to access one restaurant while the CEO can access all restaurants

In 2018, restaurants used web-based BackOffice – now it’s time to upgrade to real-time and the OPENPOS.AI platform to get your data instantly!

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