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Payment solutions (POS) for food trucks and cafés

Currently, you are operating a café, a fast food restaurant or a food truck and are in need of a clear and accessible payment solution to handle your sales. Simplicity, and in many cases, mobility are important characteristics of a functional POS system for your business. You appreciate and prefer to have a partner who can offer a “one-stop shop” payment solution.

Important features in payments solutions for fast food trucks, fast food restaurants and café


Fast food restaurants, food trucks and cafés need reliable and easy mobile payment solutions which suit both new colleagues and more experienced employees. It is not always necessary with more advanced payment solutions for smaller businesses.

Our products have:

  • User friendly touch-screen display
  • Communication through both WLAN and 3G
  • Advanced payment settings
  • Handle different currencies
  • Back-office system integration
  • Higher transaction speed than competitors on the market

Key functions

  • Easy setup and ready to use within minutes
  • High level of customization
  • Integrated with most common ERP-system
  • Integrated with most common scheduling systems
  • Pre-order solutions with mobile apps
  • Integrated table reservation system
  • World class back-office with real time data analysis
  • AI Assist – the smart digital AI-bot

Take control over your business – strengthen your profit

  • Data analysis in real-time
  • Registry maintenance
  • Dynamic reports
  • Exports
  • Stock management
  • Support multiple windows open at the same time
  • Supports several screens
  • Easy import/export of data to system
  • Build your own reports and/or use the predefined reports
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Advanced filter and search options to handle your data efficiently


Your AI-assistant ready to serve you 24/7

  • Learns answers to new questions every day
  • Connected through Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant
  • Easy way to get quick answers to questions such as, “how many articles of Pepsi are in stock right now?”
  • Correct access permission set-up in BackOffice. For example, a restaurant manager may only be able to access one restaurant while the CEO can access all restaurants

In 2018, restaurants used web-based BackOffice – now it’s time to upgrade to real-time and the OPENPOS.AI platform to get your data instantly!



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