3 June 2019

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OPEN has delivered its first Outdoor Payment Terminal to Sweden

OPEN (formally known as Finnpos Systems) installed its first F3 OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) at Gasum LNG filling station in Västerås, Sweden in the 20th of May. Gasum is the leading natural and biogas supplier in the Nordic countries. It has reinforced its LNG network by opening a filling station for heavy-duty vehicles in Västerås, Sweden.

– Expanding business operations jointly with Gasum to outside Finland, is a classic example of our success accomplished by a long partnership, says Harri Halminen, OPEN’s Fuel & Charging Division Sales Director and Managing Director Finland.

F3 OPT has been created specifically for Nordic climate conditions. It has a functional design and offers new features to make payments smoother and more secure. OPEN payment terminals have a multi-language support, meet high-security requirements for a card and digital payments.  The F3 outdoor payment terminals accept major debit and credit cards, as well as Gasum cards.

– One of the most important things at our filling stations is that customers can purchase liquefied gas without trouble with filling or payment. The payment system at our first station in Sweden is crucial to work. We are working hard to find the best solution for our customers in terms of payments solutions, says Mikael Antonsson, Director of traffic, Sweden

In the near future, Gasum is planning to expand and strengthen its gas filling station network in the Nordic countries. Gasum and OPEN have been cooperating for almost 15 years and at present, in Finland there are over 30 LNG and LNG / CNG filling stations, with one or two OPEN outdoor payment terminals.



For more information please contact:

Harri Halminen
Managing Director, Finland
+358 10 56 777 53, harri.halminen(a)openpos.tech

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