18 February 2020


OPEN effektiviserar självbetjäningen för Franska Caféet

If you would like a “taste of France” in Stockholm, visit the third floor of the historic Nordiska Kompaniet, where The French Café serves an authentic French menu. As you may expect, you will enjoy delicious pastries, salads and sandwiches.

Just over a year ago,

The French Café chose to renovate and expand its operations, including a decision to serve lunch and alcohol. These changes meant that higher demands would be placed on the payment method and a superior system had to be found. The system in use at the time was not tailored to the needs of the café, meaning time was wasted on manual tasks (such as registration of the cash register at opening and closing and manual production of reports), time which would have been much better spent on taking care of customers.

There was a desire to provide a self-service system for the customer however, the earlier solution proved to be problematic and did not meet customer expectations. Now, The French Café has switched to OPEN’s POS and Charlie Sharro, owner of The French Café, is delighted with OPEN’s payment system.

I had a lot of confidence in OPEN and their sales team; they were highly motivated and presented a solution that was adapted specifically for our business




The French Café values the support and training that OPEN delivered both during the installation and afterwards. The system was easy to grasp, making the start-up quick and easy. One thing that has greatly streamlined the process for the staff is the introduction of pagers by OPEN. Customers get their pager when they make a purchase at checkout and it tells them when their order is ready to be picked up. This has made it possible to manage more guests in less time, whilst also making it more relaxing for the guests, who do not have to worry about missing the announcement of their order.




We wanted a service which facilitated our self-service system. Using vibrating pagers which send a signal to the customer when their order is ready streamlines our business significantly. 


The system also facilitates administrative work, as The French Café now receives automatic reports and has automatic flows for follow-up. Daily functions such as logging in and out of cash registers are done automatically, creating security in the form of having more control over cash flow. Charlie looks forward to a long partnership with OPEN and recommends the payment system to anyone who owns a café or restaurant business.



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