10 May 2019


Motivational performance part 2

Staff and health

When discussing health at work, it is often about health care benefits and the benefits of fruit baskets and health grant. These are important factors that obviously help the staff’s well-being and which companies should invest in, but is it really these factors that are crucial to the well-being of the staff? It is rather something that one expects when hiring. In any case, in the private sector.

There are other factors that are also affected by personnel health and which are important to highlight:


Internal communication is a prerequisite for creating an effective business. Employees demand transparency and clear processes to feel involved and well informed about the company’s future plans. Involving the staff in the communication work inspires and gives better work efforts. Employees who believe in the company and are involved in its development are the best advertising.

Platform for internal communication can be an intranet or a newsletter. Having monthly meetings where all staff are gathered is an effective platform. There is the opportunity to stretch out question marks so that the staff go from there and are properly informed.


Most of us have at some point in our professional career had a leader who could not meet us in our daily work. A problem that makes us unsafe is unclear roles and leadership. When we highlight a problem, we want to be taken seriously and that action is taken. Short-term solutions work for the moment, but when the same problem arises over and over again, we lose confidence and it easily becomes a negative mood.

Being a leader does not mean that you are an expert in all subjects and that behavior, if it is not correct, is something that causes employees to lose confidence. By trusting their staff and letting them take greater responsibility and being the expert in their field, they see their value in the company and grow in their role.



All companies should have a plan on how they want to develop the business forward. However, a change can be met by criticism and resistance, especially when it is done by a management without insight into the daily work. There are employees who are motivated and developed with clear plans and goals. Get help from them to achieve the business goals. Take advantage of their perspectives and interests. If employees are involved in decision-making and requirements, they feel a greater loyalty to the workplace. They get to feel that their opinions are counted and that their positivity helps to develop the company. An employee who feels that their efforts are counted and recognized, also feels better in the corporate environment.

Skills development

Working with the same tasks for a long time where one feels that one is no longer developed is an important factor that makes people lose commitment to their work. An employee who loses the motivation to perform directly damages the employee’s health and ultimately also the company. It is therefore important for management to invest in skills development for their employees. Give employees more responsibility and allow them to make mistakes along the way. As a leader, one should assume that the employees do their utmost and take responsibility for the work being delivered. Achievements are affected both by the expectations we have on ourselves and those that others have on us. One way to start the process of competence development is to create individual development plans together with the employee. Find out what drives the employee and where they see themselves in the company in x number of years.

How can you encourage your employees to exercise? 

Everyone knows how important it is with exercise and that one’s lifestyle is of great importance to how we feel, both mentally and physically. It is proven that lack of physical activity is linked to a variety of diseases is many. Without training, our performance capability reduces which company more and more is beginning to realize. One cannot force their employees to make healthy choices outside the workplace, but there are several alternatives to highlighting exercise in the workplace.
The Swedish Work Environment Authority has risked sedentary work. Sedentary work produces poor effects on our movement organs such as weak muscles and a more fragile skeleton. It also contributes to poor mobility and balance. In addition to adverse effects on the musculoskeletal system, sedentary work also causes negative effects on the heart and vessels and metabolism. This may, for example, mean overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Other effects that you may not have with sedentary work are constipation, increased stress sensitivity and depression.


As an employer, several measures can be taken to reduce the above risks. Offering the possibility of standing tables and workplace mats gives employees the opportunity to decide for themselves when they can stand up and work. The health care hour has paid off for the Public Dental Service, which offered its staff 2.5 hours of workout per week. This initiative reduced sick leave by almost a quarter and proved that physically strenuous training provides healthier employees.
Healthcare benefits are a benefit that most companies offer today, 5000 SEK per year is the maximum amount for tax-free exercise and training and the amount you get depends entirely on the company you work for. The grant is a good way to encourage employees to exercise. However, not everyone knows that the healthcare contribution applies to more than just training and that is something that should be clarified on the companies. Golf, horse riding and sailing are three activities that are also included.Another way to get the staff to activate themselves is to add physical activities to workshops and team building days. By removing obstacles for training, you help the employees to take care of their own health. But we must not forget that staff health conditions do not only have to depend on the lack of training. There are other factors that play a role in reducing the energy and performance of employees. It is important to look at business factors that contribute to health problems.






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