22 October 2019


Payment with facial recognition at café Heimatt in Oslo, Norway


At Café Heimatt in Oslo you do not need cash, card or mobil phone to pay. DNB (bank) and TINE (café owner) have since July this year been testing out the new and innovative payment solution “Blunk” at Café Heimatt.

This is a collaborative project between the companies´ technology labs where DNB´s TechLab together with Futurice have developed the technology.

“Blunk” is a technological payment solution that recognizes your face. This way you can pay without using cash, card or mobile phone. Since July, the cafe’s customers have had the opportunity to test out the solution, and every day someone has tried it, including the Minister of Digitalisation, Nikolai Astrup (pictured above).

You start by visiting the website blunk.tine.no for the registration of facial recognition and kreditt card number. It’s done in no time – especially if your phone already remembers your card number. You pay by tapping approve on a screen in the cafe when you see the amount and the camera scanns your face for approval. With access to a mobile or PC, you can post facial recognition

Security is at the highest priority when the bank develops new payment solutions, and this is also the case here. Both TINE’s and DNB’s privacy and security experts have been involved throughout and have had a regular dialogue with the The Norwegian Data Protection Agency regarding storage data and general use of facial ID.


OPEN’s current Norwegian POS-system – KDR Gold communicates with the face-ID payment form “Blunk” at Café Heimatt and is one of several innovative and effective solutions that will come in the future.

Click on the link to see how the payment solution is used.    (The language and text is in Norwegian, Video from YouTube)



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