2 December 2019


Club NATT is using OPENs MultiPay to increase sales and to minimize queues.

NATT is using OPENs MultiPay solution with great results within short a period of time. 7 POS-terminals connected to 17 payment terminals are all operative at the same time when sales are peaking.


NATT is one of Bergens biggest nightclubs with 2 main bars, seating capacity of around 150 people and a total capacity of over 300.  In the old premises of former Agora and Club KOK, NATT delivers major events, as a concert venue and a nighclub concept on a weekly basis. In short, they live up to be the “the place to be” on Bergens Club scene.

Since this summer NATT has updated their payment systems which have given instant results on their service. OPENs MultiPay solution allows them to connect up to four payment terminals to one single POS-terminal where they can serve several guests at the same time. This makes sure they can deliver the best service in the business.

MultiPay has increased the efficiency and workflow in both our bars. In our main bar we have 5 POS-terminals connected to 10 payment terminals. We are experiencing faster payments which gives our bartenders more time to serve each guests. The queues are shortening even when we have an event with full capacity and our sales are peaking.

Alexandra – Bar manager, NATT


MultiPay helps you to streamline the workflow and to eliminate queues. NATT has doubled the number of terminals for each workstation just to ensure that their guests receive better service. Customizing the payment solution with the proper tools may be the success factor for how your service level is percieved by your guests.


We went from having a payment solution where the POS and payment terminals did not communicate, to having them all integrated with cable. As a result we have virtually elimiated difference on our settlements and we experience less broken terminals and we notice that there is less chance that a guest “walks out” from the payment. The current MultiPay solution suits us perfectly and I am very pleased with OPENs bar solution that makes daily operations way more efficient.

Alexandra – Bar Manager, NATT


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