1 April 2019


How do you motivate your employees in the workplace?

Motivation in the workplace

There have been a lot of studies on motivation and workplaces and about what motivates or does not motivate people to go to work. It is probably no secret that motivation affects how we thrive in a workplace. But since we are all unique individuals, it is also no wonder that our motivation factors are also unique. This makes managers task to motivate their staff a bit more difficult. A person driven by the feeling to feel safe and have control in all situations can have the difficulty of being motivated in a corporate culture where changes are made quickly and where colleagues perform best in pressurized situations with time limits.

What motivates people to work?

If we assume that your staff has satisfied their basic needs, it is even more important for you as manager or supervisor to build relationships with the staff. This process should begin during the recruitment process, where you should review how the corporate culture works and what motivates the potential new employee. This is to see if you match and if you as a manager will be able to meet the person’s needs. It is important to keep in mind that different types of personalities are needed in a company and not just employing people with the same driving forces.

How can you, as a manager,  strengthen the motivation of your staff?

A fundamental factor is to get the individual to feel seen and encouraged. Take time for development talks and encourage the employee to find out what drives them, so that you together can move on to the next level. Give the staff the opportunity to influence their work situation and set personal goals. Maybe responsible for setting requirements which functions should be available when you invest in a new payment system. Objectives improve work performance and motivation.

Being transparent about the company is incredibly important. Employees want to feel included and they are more likely to justify themselves if they know which short-term and long-term goals that the business and management set.

One factor that reduces motivation is when employees feel unfairly treated, an example is at promotion or pay rise. Here it is important to be sensitive and show appreciation for those who, according to you, may not have taken to the level expected. Clarity is important. One must not forget that staff talk to each other about what they are dissatisfied with. This can create a negative work environment.

Make sure your colleagues understand the importance of their own and others tasks for the company’s success. That there is a respect at all levels. Create an atmosphere where it is accepted to have fun together at work. By motivating your staff, you will grow your business.

To be continued.. 

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