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Payment terminals

In order to make payment as smooth as possible for both staff and customers, payment terminals are a good alternative as payment solution. The customer insert the card themselves into the payment terminal, dial their code and approve the purchase by the customer making the payment themselves, they have control over the transaction and it creates a calm both for the customer and staff. Our payment terminals are smooth to install and easy to use. When you order one of our popular cash register systems it includes a payment terminal. We offer both stationary, mobile and wireless variants and provide the best solution for your needs. In cafes where the customers pay at the checkout, it is often enough with a stationary payment terminal. In restaurants, however, where staff need to be more flexible, mobile a wireless variant are preferred

Regardless of whether you choose a wireless or a casheir connected card terminal, it contributes with fast and reliable transactions. The card terminal works with Wi-Fi and 3g/4g but it also has the ability to carry out and store offline transactions. It has an elegant design and includes features such as touchscreen and the possibility of tapping you payment cards. MultiPay and TablePay are two new features on our payment terminals that will facilitate both customers and staff. Secure digital payments are other features on our payment terminals. Your customers may pay with Swish, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay if they wish.

If you only need a payment solution for a shorter period of time, you have the possibility to rent payment terminals and payment solutions from us.

If you are unsure of which cash register system and how many payment terminals your business needs, you are welcome to contact us.