OpenSolution could offer fast payments terminals in world class, when Summerburst entertained 60 000 happy festival visitors. An advantage for OpenSolution is that Summerburst just needed one supplier for a complete cashier system. We focus on our passion payment systems and Way out West can focus on- music, the festival life and people! The Swedish musical festival Summerburst is playing electronic music and has been a successful concept in both Stockholm and Gothenburg since the start in 2011. We understands that when you are on a festival, you do not want to stand in line. Therefore, we have developed a function that we call MultiPay, for fast and smooth payments.

"Summerburst has 60 000 happy festival people daily during their concerts. OpenSolution can offer a completed system that can handle the hugh flow of people!"


Summerburst is a two day music festival that is dedicated to the electronic house music in Stockholm and Gothenburg during the summer.

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