The healthy fast food restaurant Slimfood has today many food places that OpeSolution serve with restaurant solution. The restaurants are placed on well attended places in Nordstand and Lindholmen, where a lot of people are moving. When running a fast food restaurant, it is important to have effective cashier equipment to be able to live up to the expected rapid customer service. OpenSolution contribute with the rapid payments which facilitates both for the customers and the staff. When many customers could be handled during a short period of time. Moreover, OpenSolution products are user-friendly and customization can be adjusted just for Slimfood. Because of the states reasons, OpenSolution become the obvious decision!

"OpenSolutions products increase the control which is perfect for a chain like Slimfood!"


Slimfood is a healthy fast food restaurant chain that serve salad and sushi primary in Gothenburg, but also in Stockholm.

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