PAF, Play Among Friends, or Ålands Penningautomatförening as they also are known for is investing in a complete cashier concept for their organization. To be able to integrate cashier systems with payment terminals was a huge factor to why PAF has OpenSolutions products. We at OpenSolution has many years of experience within the casino industry and also about integrated solutions. The system includes all the parts within the organization and the software is adjusted and formed to match PAF. The products are user friendly and it is therefore very easy for the staff to use the operational system from iPhone, which most of the users already has knowledge about.

The Finish casino started at Åland in 1966 with a great success and decided to expand to the Finish Ferries. Today PAF is a very successful concept within the casino industry. The Company aims to integrate people which can be seen throughout the company. They have unique slot machines and travel competitions that they arrange yearly. PAF  arrange a complete concept with casino, bingo and odds.

"OpenSolutions deep industry experience, the possibility to integrate cashier systems and payment terminals are all very useful in PAF´s organization."


Play Among Friends (PAF) was found in 1966 on Åland, but how now expanded into the Finish ferries.

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